About Us

Modestum is a leading academic publication company based with a passion for the dissemination of cutting-edge research in science, technology, education and medicine by fostering collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking to the benefit of all. We aim to advance human knowledge by providing immediate and open access to the latest developments through our innovative publishing solutions, while upholding the highest ethical practices of scholarly publishing.

For over 20 years, our team of experienced editors and publishing professionals work closely with the authors to ensure the timely delivery of innovative and high-quality research content.

As Modestum, we believe that knowledge should be openly and freely accessible to everyone. That's why we make our journals open access. All articles are published with a permissive license, and authors retain the copyrights of their works.

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of journals covering a broad range of disciplines. Each of our journals is committed to publishing the latest research and advancements in their respective fields, and to promoting the exchange of ideas and knowledge. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality, we are proud to serve the research community in our two offices in London and Belgrade, and recognized as a trusted and respected publisher.