Article Processing Fee

Modestum publishes all its journals as Open-Access. All articles published in our journals are instantly made available to all readers world-wide free of charge as part of the open access policy adopted. This is made possible by one-time Article Processing Fee (APF) payable upon article acceptance to cover the cost of publication such as peer review administration, production, online hosting, and distribution of the articles.


APF for each journal is given in table below (*):

e-ISSN Journal name


(for articles submitted in 2022)


(for articles submitted in 2023)

1305-8223 Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education $750 $975
2516-3507 Electronic Journal of General Medicine $750 ($500) $550
1306-3030 International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education $450 (Free) $450
1309-6621 Journal of Clinical and Experimental Investigations $250 (Free) $250
2468-4929 Pedagogical Research $450 (Free) $650 (Free)
2752-6054 Journal of Mathematics and Science Teacher $250 (Free) $250 (Free)
2754-544X Electronic Journal of Medical and Educational Technologies Free $250 (Free)
2753-2658 Electronic Journal of Medical and Dental Studies Free $250 (Free)
2754-091X Computers and Children Free $250 (Free)
2752-647X Agricultural and Environmental Education Free $250 (Free)
2634-8543 Journal of Contemporary Studies in Epidemiology and Public Health $250 (Free) $250 (Free)

* plus tax where applicable


The listed fees are for original research articles and review articles. APF for short communications, case reports, or brief reports are charged at 50% of these listed fees. Author(s) will be charged APF rate that is effective on article submission date. We accept payments in Euro (EUR), US Dollars (USD), British Pound Sterling (GBP).


Waiver Policy

Authors with insufficient fundings or authors from low-income countries may apply to our fee waiver program for partial discounts or full waivers. Applications are evaluated individually for each case. Applications to fee waiver program are not shared with the editors and reviewers so that the editorial processes are not affected.

Guest editorials, book reviews, and invited articles are exempt from publication fees.

Each actively contributing editorial board member of Modestum Journals is granted the right to publish one article, free of article publication fees, during the calendar year they serve on the board. This offer expires at the end of the year and cannot be accumulated or transferred to another person.

Reviewers of our journals will be awarded a 100% discount on their open access publication fees after every 6th completed reviews for their papers accepted by the journal.


Refund Policy

Once the receipt of the article processing fee is confirmed, the article is immediately moved to production and publication. We attach importance to providing a fair, responsible, fast, and responsive service to authors. We may issue a refund only if we are unable to publish the article due to our own mistakes, such as inability to prepare the galley proof or to publish the article online. After the article is published online, no refunds will be issued.


Q & A

Question: Do I have to pay any fee during article submission?

Answer: No. There is no article submission fee. Article processing fee is payable upon the acceptance of the article.


Question: My article is rejected. Will I have to pay any fee?

Answer: No. Only articles that are accepted for publication after peer review are charged article processing fee.


Question: I have limited funding. Do you have a fee waiver program?

Answer: Yes, we have an extensive fee waiver program. If you are an editor or reviewer, you are awarded with discounts or rights to publish free articles. We also award author(s) with insufficient fundings or author(s) from low-income countries with partial discounts or full waivers. You can apply to our fee waiver program by sending the details of your case to Each case is individually evaluated.


Question: Will my application to fee waiver program affect my editorial decision?

Answer: No. Applications to fee waiver program are not shared with the editors and reviewers. They do not have any knowledge on your ability pay the article processing fee, your discount rate, or your application to our fee waiver program. This information is kept confidential between the author and the publisher. So, it will have no effect on your editorial process.


Question: How will I pay the article processing fee?

Answer: After editorial acceptance, you will receive a detailed e-mail with payment information.


Question: What is covered by the article processing fee?

Answer: We provide high-quality editorial, production and publication services to our authors. After the confirmation of your payment, you will receive a galley proof of your article. When the galley proof is confirmed by authors, the article is assigned a digital object identifier (DOI) number and published online for the reach of a wide readership.


Question: My article was retracted. Can I receive a refund?

Answer: Article processing fee will not be refunded if the article is retracted after publication.


Question: My article is recently accepted. However, I sent the article in previous calendar year. What will be my article processing fee?

Answer: You will be charged APF rate that is effective on your article submission date.


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