Propose a Journal

As Modestum, we constantly explore new publication opportunities and encourage the submission of journal proposals. This page is prepared to guide potential editors who want to launch new journals, or existing journals who request to be published by Modestum.


Propose a New Journal 

Launching and serving as an editor for a peer-reviewed journal enhances the editorial team's credentials, increasing opportunities for career advancement and academic collaboration, and leadership roles in academia. Establishing a new journal can provide the opportunity to shape the direction of a field by setting the agenda for research and shaping the discourse, specifically in topics or subfields that are rapidly emerging and currently underrepresented in existing literature. It facilitates networking among scholars in a particular field and leads to new research opportunities for cross-disciplinary research. 

If you are interested in proposing a new journal, please provide a brief overview that includes the following information:

•    Proposed journal title

•    Aims and scope

•    Potential audience, market analysis, including other journals in the field and rationale of the journal

•    Tentative editorial team and its structure, i.e., editor-in-chief, associate editors, international advisory board members, their titles, names, affiliations, and brief CVs

•    Publication frequency, expected number of submissions, and number of articles per year, article types

•    Your contact information


Propose an Existing Journal 

Being published by Modestum will enhance the reputation and prestige of the journal, which leads to higher citation rates and greater recognition within the academic community. We have a large and diverse audience, which can help to expand the readership of the journal and increase the impact of the research published within it. We have excellent resources for production and distribution, resulting in high-quality content, wider distribution, and increased visibility. We have strong relationships with indexing services and search engines, which can help to improve the discoverability and accessibility of the journal.

If you are interested in proposing an existing journal, please provide a brief overview that includes the following information:

•    Journal title

•    Journal Website address

•    Your contact information


Please send your proposals to